Squiggle 3.4 Beta released

I’m glad to announce the Squiggle 3.4 release today. You can get it from codeplex release page. This is mainly a maintenance release as the main update in this release is fewer and updated dependencies.

Earlier version of Squiggle had 2 dependencies zeromq and SQL Server CE that caused installation problems for many people. It was also built using an older version of .NET Framework that many people had to download and install. With version 3.4 release of Squiggle, I’ve switched to a 100% managed implementation of zeromq protocol and SQLite as the database for tracking history. It is built using latest .NET Framework 4.5.1.

I’ve also updated the MSI setup to install Squiggle in AppData folder instead of ProgramFiles(x86) so hopefully it should also help in reducing permission related problems in running plugins and sharing files.

My initial testing shows that it works fine on Windows 8.1. You may try it out and report any bugs on our issues page.

Squiggle 3.3 Declared Stable

After 20,000+ downloads, I’m declaring Squiggle 3.3 as stable. The code for Squiggle 3.3 is in 3.3 branch in git. If there is any critical bug fix, it will go in the same branch and will be merged back to master otherwise all bug fixes will now go to 3.4 branch.

For Squiggle 3.4 release I’m going to be once again changing the communication layer. I want to try .NET port of ZeroMQ called NetMQ. This means it will not be backwards compatible with older version. However this will help in reducing the amount of software people have to install to get Squiggle to work i.e. VC++ runtime. Other changes that I’m planning for v3.4 are as under:

  • Upgrade to .NET 4.5
  • Use async-await in code and get rid of dispatcher calls to switch threads
  • Switch to SQLite as local database to reduce installation payload and dependencies
  • Reduce memory footprint

I do not plan on doing any new features for 3.4 release as of now.

Squiggle 3.3 Beta Released

Version 3.3 of Squiggle has been released on CodePlex as Beta release.

New features include:

  • Allow using environment variables in configuration file (history db connection string, download folder location, display name, group and message)
  • Fix for history viewer to show the correct history entries
  • History saved with UTC timestamp
  • Added feature to send screenshots and paste image in message edit box.

This release will now only have revisions with bug fixes. It is feature complete and all new features will go in 3.4.

Squiggle 3.2 Declared Stable

Squiggle 3.2 has been in Beta for several months now. Issues that were reported are all fixed. There will be no more revisions of Squiggle 3.2. The next version of Squiggle will be 3.3

In case you missed the previous announcement, Squiggle now has git repository. You can fork it and issue pull requests for bug fixes, implementing any of the suggested features or to implement any cool idea you have. This is your chance to mark your name in commit history of Squiggle 3.3.

In case you’re running a revision earlier than 3.2.4, you can get the latest version from the downloads page.

Squiggle 3.2 Beta Released

Squiggle 3.2 has finally reached the point where I can release it as beta version.

I will not be adding any more features to 3.2 until the final release. From this point onward only bugs will be fixed. I encourage you to download the beta and try out its different features.

Squiggle 3.2 has multiple extensibility points. You can write communication plugin, extension, authentication provider, message filter and message parser. I will blog about each of these in coming days.

You can find a complete list of features on the release page. Give it a try and if you find any bugs please report them on codeplex issue tracker.

Squiggle 3.2 Development Release

Squiggle 3.2 has major changes in underlying communication layer. It is important that this release is tested longer before declared final therefore I’m announcing today the development release of Squiggle 3.2 to get the early feedback on bugs and issues.

Squiggle communication layer has been re-written to be platform agnostic. You can now write Squiggle client on Android, IOS, Mac and Linux by implementing the protocol using ZeroMQ and Protocol Buffers. You can also write extensions and plugins to add functionality to the client. Following are some of the features added in 3.2:

  • Support for plugins (Almost complete)
  • Support for extensions
  • Communication layer and protocol is platform independent (ZeroMQ, ProtocolBuffers)
  • Bug fixes
  • New /invite command
  • Edit the sent message
  • Disable update check
  • MSI installer for the client

NOTE: This is development release and not recommended for production use.

I highly recommend you to download this release and test it out in a staging environment to spot the issues and problems that may occur when you roll out next update in your home or office. Your help in making Squiggle a stable product is highly appreciated.

You can download Squiggle 3.2 (Development) from http://squiggle.codeplex.com/releases/view/96232

Squiggle Update

This is just to update you guys about what is going on with Squiggle. Currently I’m working on version 3.2 as I write this. So far I’ve been working on re-writing the core communication components to enable writing of Squiggle client for other platforms easier i.e. Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, etc.

I don’t know if I’ll be adding more features to the actual client so there is no commitment there. However the communication core is going to be scalable and portable. In 3.2 release I also plan on adding extensibility points details of which I’ve not finalized yet. Maybe you’ll be able to download the client and then add voice chat feature or write your plugin to add support for custom applications e.g. games, screen sharing, e.t.c.

I’m also improving naming of configuration settings and adding a few more settings on my way. Keep an eye on commit log to stay updated with the development.

Finally if you find Squiggle useful and would like to support its development, you can donate a small amount as a token of encouragement.

Squiggle is Now in Git Repository

Squiggle used to be in SVN before and anyone who wanted to contribute a fix would have to upload a diff file as a patch. Yesterday I requested CodePlex to change my repository to Git and they were very quick in their response. Today Squiggle has been migrated to Git repository. This means you can now make pull requests and fork squiggle if you want.

The clone url for Squiggle is: https://git01.codeplex.com/squiggle

Squiggle 3.1 Revision 5 Released

Today I’ve released revision 5 of Squiggle 3.1. This is primarily a maintenance release since the only difference between this and the previous release is that

  • It is now built against .NET 4.0.
  • It doesn’t have dependency on WpfToolkit
  • It uses .NET Tasks instead of ThreadPool
  • It uses SqlServer CE 4 for saving history

The change in Sql Server CE version means that if you upgrade to revision 5, your old history will be lost so its better to backup your old history before upgrading. And of course you also have to install .NET Framework 4.0 if it wasn’t installed already.

With this release I no longer support Windows XP operating system since I do not have sufficient time and resources to support 11 year old operating system. Also from this release onward I will not be uploading translations. Users can still generate translation themselves using the tool provided in source or by translating strings manually.

From end user perspective you have no reason to upgrade if the revision 4 or earlier is working fine for you unless the next major release comes.