SharePoint Log Viewer 2.5 has been released

SPLV 2.5 has all the promised features and more.
A complete list of features currently available is as under:

  • View multiple SharePoint log files at once
  • Search by any field
  • Filter the log by any field
  • File drag & drop support
  • Live monitoring for entire farm
  • Export filtered log entries
  • Bookmark log entries
  • Get popup notification of SharePoint log events from system tray
  • Receive email notifications on errors
  • Redirect log entries to event log
  • SharePoint 2010 Support
  • Run at startup

Share Point Log Viewer 2.5 is the best log viewer available now at
We’ll be releasing its website soon. stay tuned.

Upcoming features of SharePoint LogViewer 2.5

SharePoint Log Viewer 2.5 will have the following features:

  • Minimize log viewer to tray
  • Get popup notification of SharePoint log events from tray
  • Redirect log entries to event log
  • Send email notifications on errors

SPLV is the only actively developed and continuously updated log viewer for WSS/MOSS 2007/2010.

SharePoint LogViewer 2.0 released

As promised we’ve released the v2.0 of SharePoint Log Viewer.
You can now monitor ULS logs of entire farm by simply running it on one machine.
No installation or configuration required to make it work.
You can monitor the entire farm as long as you have Windows File Sharing feature enabled.

With this release we’ve also fixed a lot of bugs so this is now the ultimate choice for viewing and monitoring SharePoint logs.

SharePoint Log Viewer 1.5.5 and Software Versioning

We some how missed the point that version is supposed to be Major.Minor.Revision.Build

When there are a lot of new features in the product, Major version is increased.
When there are some new features and a lot of bug fixes, Minor version is increased.
If there are very small bug fixes, Revision should be increased.
Build number is increased when the build is automatically made i.e. nightly, weekly, e.t.c but its irrelevant in case of SharePoint Log Viewer.

Since the release of version 1.5 of SharePoint  Log Viewer, we’ve added a lot of features and enhancements but we kept the version 1.5 and increased the revision instead but its going to change from now.

Now when we add a new feature we’ll be increasing minor version, though the only feature remaining is Live Monitoring of entire farm. After this feature we’ll probably switch to our next open source product.

Following is the list of all the features that are added in v1.5

  • Auto complete search box in filter
  • Live Monitoring support
  • Faster searching and sorting
  • Faster log loading
  • Bookmarking support
  • Export search results
  • Multiple keyword search

What to expect in next version of SharePoint ULS Log Viewer / Monitor

SharePoint Log Viewer is now full of features but there are two more features that we’re looking at in the next version.

1) Live Logs from all machines of SharePoint farm:
We will extend the current Live mode feature to read logs from all the nodes of SharePoint farm. This will allow you to get diagnostic logs of entire farm sitting on a single machine.

2) Auto complete search text box:
The search text box should provide auto complete/suggest list like google search.

With the addition of above 2 features. SharePoint Log viewer will become the ultimate choice for monitoring SharePoint logs.

Upcoming features of SharePoint Log Viewer

We’re actively working on version 1.5 of SharePoint Log Viewer.
Following are some of the features it will have.

  • Bookmark log entries and navigate between bookmarks.
  • Limit no. of entries displayed in live mode.
  • Improved UI and icons.
  • Select entries to view in grid in settings dialog.
  • Copy any log entry by pressing CTRL+C

Stay tuned.

SharePoint Log Viewer 1.1 Beta released

SharePoint Log Viewer 1.1 Beta has been released.
Besides UI improvement it has feature for Live Monitoring and Log Export.

Live Monitoring:

Live monitoring can be started by pressing the ‘Play’ button on the toolbar.
Once pressed, SharePoint Log viewer will start monitoring the logs directory of WSS/MOSS for changes in the currently used log file. As soon as new entries are added they are displayed on the log viewer.

This can be very useful if you’re a SharePoint developer and you’re debugging your application that writes entries in ULS logs.

The good part is that if you’ve applied a filter or you have typed something in the search bar then only those log entries will appear in live mode that match that criteria

Log Export:

Another important feature of v1.1 of Log viewer is that after filtering log entries you can export them to a SharePoint log format file.
This feature is useful in case you want to share details of certain event/errors with another person i.e. developer or network admin.
Sending the complete log file to anyone gives the other person too much noisy data and it becomes difficult for him to find out whats happening unless of course the second person also uses Overroot’s SharePoint Log Viewer.

You can get the beta release from:

Please email us your feedback at overrootinc [at] gmail [dot] com

SharePoint LogViewer 1.0 Released

It gives me great pleasure to announce the first product of Overroot Inc.

Say hello to SharePoint LogViewer

Its a WPF based windows application to view SharePoint logs.

  • It allows you to view multiple log files at once.
  • You can search by any field.
  • You can filter the log by any field.
  • Drag drop support.

Its very easy to use and provides all the basic functionality that you may require to view SharePoint logs.
If you have any suggestions, comments or you’re willing to participate in this open source project, then please send us an email at overrootinc [at] gmail [dot] com