Delete all tweets from Twitter

Just as we found a way to delete all posts from Facebook, we can apply the same technique to Twitter. Follow the steps below to wipe clean all your old tweets on Twitter.

  1. Log in to Twitter using Chrome browser
  2. Go to your timeline
  3. Scroll all the way down to your first tweet in order to load all the tweets in the UI.
  4. Open developer console (F12)
  5. Paste the following javascript snippet in the ‘Console’ tab
function dT(){var e=document.getElementsByClassName("js-actionDelete");e&&e.length>0&&(e[0].click(),setTimeout(function(){var e=document.querySelector("div#delete-tweet-dialog button.delete-action");e&&},1e3))}var deletor=setInterval(dT,1e4);

It will now delete your old tweets every 10 seconds for as long as the browser window is open. Enjoy!

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