Squiggle 3.4 Beta released

I’m glad to announce the Squiggle 3.4 release today. You can get it from codeplex release page. This is mainly a maintenance release as the main update in this release is fewer and updated dependencies.

Earlier version of Squiggle had 2 dependencies zeromq and SQL Server CE that caused installation problems for many people. It was also built using an older version of .NET Framework that many people had to download and install. With version 3.4 release of Squiggle, I’ve switched to a 100% managed implementation of zeromq protocol and SQLite as the database for tracking history. It is built using latest .NET Framework 4.5.1.

I’ve also updated the MSI setup to install Squiggle in AppData folder instead of ProgramFiles(x86) so hopefully it should also help in reducing permission related problems in running plugins and sharing files.

My initial testing shows that it works fine on Windows 8.1. You may try it out and report any bugs on our issues page.

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