Squiggle 3.3 Declared Stable

After 20,000+ downloads, I’m declaring Squiggle 3.3 as stable. The code for Squiggle 3.3 is in 3.3 branch in git. If there is any critical bug fix, it will go in the same branch and will be merged back to master otherwise all bug fixes will now go to 3.4 branch.

For Squiggle 3.4 release I’m going to be once again changing the communication layer. I want to try .NET port of ZeroMQ called NetMQ. This means it will not be backwards compatible with older version. However this will help in reducing the amount of software people have to install to get Squiggle to work i.e. VC++ runtime. Other changes that I’m planning for v3.4 are as under:

  • Upgrade to .NET 4.5
  • Use async-await in code and get rid of dispatcher calls to switch threads
  • Switch to SQLite as local database to reduce installation payload and dependencies
  • Reduce memory footprint

I do not plan on doing any new features for 3.4 release as of now.

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