Squiggle 3.0 Beta Update

Its been almost 2 months since Squiggle is in Beta. This post is about all that has been happening since then.

First of all Squiggle 3.0 has two 5 star reviews so far. The latest one is as under:

Squiggle is an excellent piece of software: 1) Nice, clean and simple UI 2) Stable (even in the current beta stage) 3) Continuous support by the developer (unlike other IM programs) 4) Free Please keep up the excellent work!!!

I’m glad that people are liking the new version so far. One of the new features introduced in 3.0 was the ability to preserve last conversation if the window is closed (like Skype). However I got a couple of requests from users that they want to turn off this option. Therefore in the last revision i.e. revision 7, I provided an option to toggle this behavior in the Chat tab known as ‘Clear chat on window close’. By default this will be unchecked. You can check it off for disabling the behavior.

There haven’t been major bugs reported in 3.0 but it is still in beta because I have yet to handle the behavior in event of receiving two voice chat requests simultaneously (or getting second request during first session) since practically only one session can be established at a time. I’ve been busy with some other projects and as soon as I get time. I’ll handle this scenario and release a last revision after which there will be final release if no bugs are reported.

If you don’t use voice chat feature then you can use 3.0 beta now in production.