SharePoint Log Viewer 1.5.5 and Software Versioning

We some how missed the point that version is supposed to be Major.Minor.Revision.Build

When there are a lot of new features in the product, Major version is increased.
When there are some new features and a lot of bug fixes, Minor version is increased.
If there are very small bug fixes, Revision should be increased.
Build number is increased when the build is automatically made i.e. nightly, weekly, e.t.c but its irrelevant in case of SharePoint Log Viewer.

Since the release of version 1.5 of SharePoint  Log Viewer, we’ve added a lot of features and enhancements but we kept the version 1.5 and increased the revision instead but its going to change from now.

Now when we add a new feature we’ll be increasing minor version, though the only feature remaining is Live Monitoring of entire farm. After this feature we’ll probably switch to our next open source product.

Following is the list of all the features that are added in v1.5

  • Auto complete search box in filter
  • Live Monitoring support
  • Faster searching and sorting
  • Faster log loading
  • Bookmarking support
  • Export search results
  • Multiple keyword search

SharePoint Log Viewer 1.5.2 released

This release has following improvements:

  • Scroll position is maintained when log is refreshed
  • Filtering/Sorting performance has been significantly improved.
  • The default file in open dialog is the last one modified in the logs directory.
  • Few crash bug fixes.

What to expect in next version of SharePoint ULS Log Viewer / Monitor

SharePoint Log Viewer is now full of features but there are two more features that we’re looking at in the next version.

1) Live Logs from all machines of SharePoint farm:
We will extend the current Live mode feature to read logs from all the nodes of SharePoint farm. This will allow you to get diagnostic logs of entire farm sitting on a single machine.

2) Auto complete search text box:
The search text box should provide auto complete/suggest list like google search.

With the addition of above 2 features. SharePoint Log viewer will become the ultimate choice for monitoring SharePoint logs.